0041 - Walnut - 70"L x 46"W

Walnut is a beautiful hardwood with a deep chocolate color at the heartwood, or center of the tree, and lighter golden hue found in the sapwood, or outer portion of the tree. The variation in color gives the wood depth and character. 

Single slab. Crotch piece with 46" width at one end and 30" width at the narrow end. Medium live edge. 

The price shown reflects a fully finished piece: glued, sanded, with eased and squared edges and sealed with your selected finish. 

The images shown with base options are stock images used for a representation of what your table will look like once finished. Your table will have the top shown for sale  in the finish and edge profile you choose with the chosen base. Metal bases will be finished in Matte Black powder coat. The Box with Boot base will be finished in Raven with Matte Black on the boot.

We offer trade pricing. For more information, please contact one of our sales representatives.