Meyer Wells builds luxury wood tables & products from responsibly-sourced wood. We have created countless products for hotels, restaurants, home owners and retail stores for the past 10 years, working with local and national companies on projects across North America.



Our wood is special, because it comes from the neighborhoods and well-managed forests near where we live, where we can keep an eye on our source. We think it is essential to know where our wood comes from. To learn more about where we source our wood, click here.



With our own local mill, we have reclaimed thousands of logs from the greater Seattle area and transformed them into world class wood furniture and products for local, national and international projects. 



Located in the greater Seattle area with our own dedicated sawmill, kilns and production shop, we work from tree to table to produce unique tables with lasting quality.



We collaborate with designers and take our cues from current color trends to ensure our custom finish library and capabilities are cutting edge. Nature, lifestyle and experimentation all play an important role in our process.



For more information about us or to reach out for a quote on a custom piece, please contact one of our sales representatives .

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