Dining Table Tops

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TOPS THAT RANGE FROM 42"L - 100"L AND 30"W - 50"W

The images below are unfinished tops, pieced together. The prices shown are for a fully finished product: glued, sanded, with eased & squared edges and sealed with your selected finish.

  • The tabletops shown have not been assembled to allow for customer choice of finish and edge profile; however, all tables will be shipped fully finished.
  • Edges can be live edge as shown or can be squared off if live edge is not desirable. Edges will be eased and smooth to the touch.
  • The final net width dimensions will fall within 2 inches of the slab's recorded width based on live edge profile.
  • For net width dimensions on square edge profile, please contact one of our sales representatives.
  • If you would like a custom length or width from one of the tops offered, please contact one of our sales representatives.