Wood Surfaces: Explored and Expanded

A few cuts, a few passes, a few more cuts, and with some rough hands a wood surface is prepared. renowned as undoubtedly useful in it’s most basic form, wood has gone almost unchanged in its applications over the centuries. Yet, with modern advances in design techniques and material experimentation, wood’s traditional cut and dry form is finally being explored and expanded.

CNC Wood

Mamma Fotogramma, a studio based out of Milan, Italy, has broadened the capabilities of wood by combining CNC cut ply wood panels and vinyl mesh to create a highly geometric and kinetic wood surface. Harsh angles and forms never-before capable with wood in its rigid state are now attainable. Having triggered a new implementation of wood in design, Wood Skin is being explored as an architectural material as well as a base for product design.

Hay, a well-known Danish design company, creates products of clear function and crisp form. One of their recent pieces is simple in its utility but remains a visual treat. The Field cutting boards are CNCed beech wood, cut to create grooves that would capture all your food’s crumbs while also giving your food a texture to grip to and your knife a pleasant slot to fall.

Designing an innovative new seat is almost as hard as redefining the cushion, yet Yenn-Hao, Cho, a product designer from Taiwan, has managed to do both in one piece. Tenderwood was designed with the intention of utilizing the strengths of three dimensionally flexible veneers and low density foam to break ground on the capabilities of wood. Heat pressing the veneers and applying them to the full top face of the seat (the foam hidden within), the wood seamlessly flows from edge to edge, giving the appearance of CNCed solid stock surface. It is a pleasant surprise for users when they sit only to be greeted with gentle softness

Moko Interiors has been doing large CNCed wood wall panels for years but recently they are making new strides. While they have begun exploring more geometric graphics, perking some new customer’s ears, what is setting them apart is their up and coming incorporation of lighting. The lighting is designed specifically for these panels, discretely sitting within the designs, lit to emphasize each edge and face cut into the surface. The overall appearance is smooth, rich and cohesive.

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