Two New Designs That Play the Angles

In our continuous pursuit to unite the natural world with the working one, we've designed two new tables fit for a commercial setting but rooted in nature. The designs are approachable, with warm wood making up the entirety of both tables. Juxtaposing this softness are clean lines and sharp angles that bring out different characteristics with each view.

Walnut Wood Commercial Office Table Community Table New Design

Our Heybrook Table applies geometric shapes paired with subtle curves to deliver a piece with hidden edge. The shape is sturdy and studied, with careful attention paid to each piece. The deliberate placement of grain pattern on the box leg moves the eye around the box while also calling to mind the circular pattern of a tree's age rings - suggesting that even now, the tree lives on.  

Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

Every vantage provides a different perspective and a new takeaway - the sleek silhouette becomes a Geometer’s dream before finishing with a trick of the eye.

The sharp angles of the base are softened with the eased edge of the top giving the table a balanced look. Concealed wire management, accessible via a hidden hinged door, keeps the lines of the table free from clutter while providing solutions for data minded users. 

Live Edge Maple Natural Waterfall Edge Dining Table Design

Our Narada Table, like its namesake, offers a fluid look with a comfortable visual weight - allowing the piece to feel at home in a myriad of designs. The mitered waterfall edge moves the eye from leg to leg, keeping one’s focus on the grain’s naturally flowing pattern.

Ash wood waterfall edge table at University of Washington

Whether working the space as a focal point or blending seamlessly into the world around it, our Narada Table is a quality-crafted work of useful art from wood. 

The silhouette is clean and light with an single line running the entire length of the piece. Concealed wire management, hidden within a discreet plywood channel, continues the dedication to uninterrupted movement while also providing users with access to data and charging capabilities.   

Both new designs give users a connection to nature without sacrificing the technological connection we all require in our daily lives. They are our latest offering to the commercial office and hospitality industries: useable art that works for you. 

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