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Commercial Office Lobby Design

As more and more companies join the trend of open, collaborative office spaces, a new work experience has developed. With an increase in team-based projects and the incredible portability of laptop workstations, many offices have moved away from the traditional layout of personal desks and towards the building of neighborhood-like atmospheres. It is no surprise to find then, amidst a design trend as strong as this, a new push for lobbies to follow in the ways of these open workspaces. 

Small office lobby design

In the traditional sense, a lobby is simply a place of waiting, a glorified entrance; but if utilized to its maximum potential the lobby can become a casual extension to the workplace. The Key Center Lobby in Bellevue, Washington, designed by SKB Architects, is a strong example of the modern-day lobby. With quaint seating areas, full couches and lounge settings, as well as more proper meeting areas, the space fits an assortment of needs. Through its floor-plan as well as its furniture choices and arrangements, the lobby has stepped beyond the roll of its waiting room counterparts and become a meeting space of adaptable utility and necessity. 

office lobby design

The 929 Office Tower Lobby, also in Bellevue, encourages this movement toward community office design as well. Meeting spaces abound in the space with each offering data ports, comfortable seating and warm Maple and Apple Ply tables. Planted dividers provide separation between the seating vignettes, a large centrally located fireplace invites guests to stay longer and even a few conference tables are available for impromptu meetings. Meyer Wells originals can be found dispersed throughout as the space pulls on our earth tones and natural materials, providing a vibe of warm formality. Read more about this space.

commercial office lobby fireplace

These new lobbies welcome clients and visitors in while allowing them to feel a sense of business as they go about their workdays. Through their open floor-plans and functional yet comfortable furniture choices and arrangements, they have stepped beyond the roll of their waiting room counterparts and become meeting spaces of adaptable utility and necessity.


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