Wood Edges

  • Premium Ply: A Beautiful, Cost Effective Alternative

    Formed from 1/16” solid grade Birch innerplies with natural wood faces, our Premium Ply is an attractive and cost effective alternative to solid wood. The material is lightweight, easy to work with and is available in a variety of species. For the past few years, architects and designers have seen a rise in its usage everywhere from highly knotted sheets used for walls and cabinets to nearly void and knot free premium boards crafted into furniture, fixtures and decorative elements. View Post
  • Wood Surfaces: Explored and Expanded

    A few cuts, a few passes, a few more cuts, and with some rough hands a wood surface is prepared. renowned as undoubtedly useful in it’s most basic form, wood has gone almost unchanged in its applications over the centuries. Yet, with modern advances in design techniques and material experimentati... View Post