• Behind the Design: Briggs

    The success of an office's workflow is greatly affected by the efficiencies it contains. Mobility, technology and flexibility; therefore, are key players when designing for commercial spaces as more and more companies find themselves moving from collaborative to solo work sessions sometimes several times in a day. View Post
  • Behind the Design: The Barlow Collection

    Our Barlow Collection was born from a desire to create space-efficient community tables that encourage this growing push for openness in the work space while adding some much-needed ease to every-day work life. Designed for on-the-fly meetings, small collaborations and solo workers, the eye-catching Barlow standing height table and tall coffee table are personal and quaint – perfect for the open range office of today. View Post
  • 7 considerations for planning your technology-integrated conference table

    Planning how technology will work for your team is a never-ending process of trying to stay current with the ever-changing needs of your office and the next big tech product release. Our experience working with clients' IT and design teams to product tech savvy tables for their conference rooms has given us an in-depth look at what matters most. View Post