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  • Large Slab or Multi-Plank? The Best Wood Table Top For You.

    We're often asked by our clients what the difference is between large slab and multi-plank table tops. While both table tops offer a beautiful connection with the natural world, crafted from responsibly sourced materials, sourced 100% in the United States, there are benefits and conditions to each.  View Post
  • The Hotel with the Heart of Green

    Sustainable design is on trend. It is something travelers look for when booking a hotel.  View Post
  • Our Commitment to Responsibly Sourced Wood

    Ensuring our materials come from responsible sources is time-consuming, detailed work that sometimes requires a higher price tag. We do our best to keep those costs to a minimum and to remind our clients that the extra cost doesn’t just mean better quality but also a better story, one that users can be proud to tell. View Post