• Design With a Cause

    Earlier this year, we were approached by MG2 to assist them with their annual contribution to the Providence O'Christmas Trees event. For the past seven years, the architecture and design firm has created and donated trees, a treehouse, a greenhouse and other architectural structures for the auction benefiting Providence Senior & Community Services. View Post
  • Behind the Design: The Willow Table

    All great ideas come to you when you’re in the shower…Creativity thrives in the subconscious and often waits to strike until your guard is down. It follows us, never ceasing to turn, to generate, to provide us with that ever so powerful quality – instinct. This design was no exception. It arose unexpectedly, was acted on swiftly, and before the day was done, it was in the books. View Post
  • Wood Surfaces: Explored and Expanded

    A few cuts, a few passes, a few more cuts, and with some rough hands a wood surface is prepared. renowned as undoubtedly useful in it’s most basic form, wood has gone almost unchanged in its applications over the centuries. Yet, with modern advances in design techniques and material experimentati... View Post