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  • Large Slab or Multi-Plank? The Best Wood Table Top For You.

    We're often asked by our clients what the difference is between large slab and multi-plank table tops. While both table tops offer a beautiful connection with the natural world, crafted from responsibly sourced materials, sourced 100% in the United States, there are benefits and conditions to each.  View Post
  • Light, Bright and Warm - ZGF's Newly Renovated Seattle Office

    “We wanted to have our work space feel and function in communal ways that we can use for groups, casual breakouts and multi-purpose practicality,” Kim Munizza, Associate Principal at ZGF says of the space. View Post
  • Five Trends to Promote Efficiencies in the Workplace

    Modern companies understand that in order to create a more efficient office they must first take a look at the work environment. In our work over the past year, we have seen several trends in commercial office design focused on improving the employee experience and in effect, enhancing their performance. View Post