• Light, Bright and Warm - ZGF's Newly Renovated Seattle Office

    “We wanted to have our work space feel and function in communal ways that we can use for groups, casual breakouts and multi-purpose practicality,” Kim Munizza, Associate Principal at ZGF says of the space. View Post
  • The Hotel with the Heart of Green

    Sustainable design is on trend. It is something travelers look for when booking a hotel.  View Post
  • Make it yours - we can help!

    The furniture. The dining table, the desk, the credenza. These pieces make the space. They de-clutter the home office, provide workplace meeting spots for inspiration and make dinners even more memorable. They become an extension of you, your brand and the way you interact with others. Shouldn't they then deserve more thought than "This will fit and its cheap"?  View Post