Premium Ply: A Beautiful, Cost Effective Alternative

Our latest material in focus is one we’ve been using for a while now, though it has become more of a front-runner in recent years and was widely employed in a few of our latest product launches. We are talking about our Premium Ply and we’re not the only ones who are embracing the beauty and durability of similar plywood surfacing.  

MG2 Premium Ply Bleacher Seating

Bleacher seating for MG2's Seattle headquarters in our Premium Ply with Clear finish

Formed from 1/16” solid grade Birch innerplies with natural wood faces, our Premium Ply is an attractive and cost effective alternative to solid wood. The material is lightweight, easy to work with and is available in a variety of species. For the past few years, architects and designers have seen a rise in its usage everywhere from highly knotted sheets used for walls and cabinets to nearly void and knot free premium boards crafted into furniture, fixtures and decorative elements. Premium Plywood Conference Table

Custom Premium Plywood conference table for Freiheit Architecture's new office space

Freiheit Architecture contracted us to build a conference table for their new Bellevue office in the 929 Office Tower. We crafted several pieces, some even in our Premium Plywood stock, for the lobby in the previous year. For Freiheit, we created a custom reception desk and conference table with our Premium Plywood stock in our standard Earth finish. The team warmly welcomed the pieces as they moved into their new office space.

Premium Plywood edge and wood finishes

We offer our Premium Ply in all 9 of our standard wood finishes

The uniformity of our Premium Ply Maple stock is highly sought after by those searching for color consistency, as there is little grain variance from board to board. The exposed edge of the material provides a great amount visual interest and depth with the cross-ply layers. The striped edge effect is caused by the crossbanded layering method, which also contributes to the strength of the board, making the material stronger than even some hardwoods. And it is dimensionally stable.

premium ply commercial office lobby

One of our coffee tables for 929 Bellevue Office Tower Lobby in Premium Ply with our Portobello finish

While we offer several grades of Premium Ply, we use a high grade Maple hardwood ply that offers a beautiful face, higher durability and, as with all our wood, is regionally sourced. Our Premium Plywood is available in 1” and 1.5” thicknesses and finishes beautifully with all of our standard wood finishes.

Wood Tables Plywood Tables Laptop Tables

Some of our most recent product launches including our Barlow Collection and our Finn Laptop Table were designed to be crafted with Premium Ply. With Finn, the edge of the Ply is on display throughout the piece from the rectangular top to the Ply and metal stacked angled legs. Our Barlow tables give even more interest to the material with the slightly eased edge. We wanted to celebrate the beauty of the Premium Ply while also providing a lower cost offering to our clients.

We are excited to see Premium Ply in more and more products and interiors. With its durability, lower cost and ease of use, it is sure to only continue to show up in more applications such as retail and hospitality environments. We have a lot of experience working with Premium Ply and would love to show you the benefits it can offer your next project. Reach out to us today to schedule a presentation with one of our sales consultants. 

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