Light, Bright and Warm - ZGF's Newly Renovated Seattle Office

We recently spoke with Associate Principal, Kim Munizza, of ZGF Seattle, about the firm's newly renovated office space.

Meyer Wells crafted several pieces for the sustainable Architecture & Design Firm, including Walnut and steel built-ins and shelving and a long, low reception desk that serves as a welcoming guide to guests and clients.

The space is friendly, comfortable, with light finishes, floor to ceiling windows and warm wood pieces that provide functional use and serve to define spaces.  

“We wanted to have our workspace feel and function in communal ways that we can use for groups, casual breakouts and multi-purpose practicality,” Munizza says. They accomplished this fluid separation with three “brackets”, as she refers to them, all the same footprint, all serving more than one purpose.

Meyer Wells created two of the brackets with Walnut. One of the alcoves holds firm awards and serves as a focus wall in the large conference space while the other houses kitchen appliances on one side and is the backdrop for the big screen in the large gathering place.

The third bracket stands behind the reception desk, subtly reminding visitors where they are while remaining true to the firm’s brand “to think beyond technical solutions to integrate beauty, materiality and craft into everything [they] touch.”

Entering the space, visitors are greeted with a long, low bar desk crafted with two large slabs of White Oak with a steel return. Inset to the single slab desk top is a modular table that allows sit to stand flexibility. 

“We didn't want to close the view off but also wanted it to be obvious where to go. We moved the desk visibly to the elevator sightlines and chose a low, long, streamlined shape to showcase the beauty of the log and be hospitable,” Munizza adds.

The result is a clear and welcoming entrance that begs visits to come closer.

There is a Scandinavian feel to the space with light neutrals covering the walls and floors, the soft goods and even the countertops in the kitchen. These color and material choices gave Munizza the freedom to bring in large, wood pieces to warm up the space and provide contrast in a memorable way. “A lot of the finishes we chose were meant to play a background to the eventual beautiful wood we would find.”

She mentioned that a few members of the Seattle team were curious when they saw the blank canvas that was the space before our pieces arrived. However they were pleasantly surprised when the Meyer Wells wood pieces were installed. “It’s really been fun to see the reaction to the natural wood. . . I can see staff leading clients and guests through the space and they're very proud to show off the work that Meyer Wells has done.”   

Munizza made it clear, the wood was crucial to the design. As she states, “The wood pieces really honor the spirit of the region we call home. For us it was vital that we pay tribute to this in the space where we find our inspiration.” Our pieces provide this sense of place. But they also bring impact, texture and story with them. They are not just a table or shelf, but a theorem connecting us to nature. It doesn't get anymore PNW than that.

We were thrilled to be a part of this project, to work with Kim Munizza and ZGF. It was a pleasure to build the custom casework in our shop and install the pieces onsite. It is a beautiful space, filled with thoughtful details, flexible use and natural warmth.


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    So beautiful!

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