Welcome to our Slab Shop!

Since our Seattle shop was closed down to make room for progress in Interbay, we have been looking for a way to bring back "slab alley" in one form or another. We thought it would be brick and mortar storefront. We thought it would be slabs lining the walls, the way we used to have them set up in our old wood shop. We envisioned walking through with customers and helping them pick out the perfect slabs for their project, just like the old days.

But what we have since discovered that our customers really want is an easier way to see not slabs, but table tops made from slabs. What size will this set make? How long is it? What kind of bases do you offer? These are the questions we answered every day for years, but due to the time involved, we struggled to get the answers to our customers quickly enough and in a clean format that empowered them to make the best selection for their project. 

And so, we created our new online MW slab shop. We have selected and composed one of a kind table tops pre-fabricated just enough to show what they will look like as a table, but unfinished to allow for custom sizing, edge treatment and finish. Overall sizes are clearly listed, along with base options that work well with each available top. We have even curated a handful of our best finish options from which to chose.

We worked hard to make it easy for you:

Pick a top.
Pick a finish.

Pick a base.

Custom made simple. 

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