Design With a Cause

The Providence O'Christmas Trees program is a three day event benefiting individuals of all ages who require health and living assistance. Over the course of three days a carnival, luncheon, dinner and auction are held to raise money for those with chronic or life-limiting health issues, those in need of home health care, assisted living and elderly care. 

For the past seven years, MG2 has participated in this great cause, donating decorated trees and architectural structures for auction. Earlier this year, they approach us about their 2017 donation to see if we would be interested in participating. Their idea was to create distinct furniture pieces that celebrated the organic character of the wood. 

The process began with an internal design competition with each team required to present to a panel of judges for critique and final decision. Our CEO, John Wells, was  asked to be one of the judges along with the Providence Health & Services CEO, Robert Hellrigel. The winning design, created by Kylie Kusleika and Trevor Gunderson, was then chosen for production.

Hickory End Grain Wood Furniture

Each piece of the Hickory Plywood, cut by the CNC, is interlocked together with and without spacing

Working with Hickory Plywood, Kylie and Trevor formed the shapes from their design with the assistance of our production team and our CNC router. The CNC is an automated tool that allows for precise cuts and shapes. With the aide of this machine, the MG2 and Meyer Wells teams were able to input the control commands into the computer and oversee the cutting of the many pieces that made each table. 

plywood end grain wood furniture

The use of the end grain as a focal point allows for natural color variation

The design of the tables was born of a desire to create pieces that celebrate the organic nature of the wood while also juxtaposing that nature with the structure of machine made products. The end grain, often a supporting character in wood furniture, takes center stage with interlocking planes that give each table a distinct color variation. The tables are fluid, with silhouettes that change with each perspective - a delicate collaboration between nature and machine. 

custom wood tables

Both end tables and the coffee table were donated for auction at the year's O'Christmas Tree gala and auction. The event took place last week and raised $1.5 million for Providence Senior and Community Services. We were happy to contribute our time and wood working knowledge to this wonderful event and would like to thank Providence Health and Services for their endless work and MG2 for including us.

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