7 considerations for planning your technology-integrated conference table


Planning how technology will work for your team is a never-ending process of trying to stay current with the ever-changing needs of your office and the next big tech product release. Our experience working with clients' IT and design teams to product tech savvy tables for their conference rooms has given us an in-depth look at what matters most.

The following seven questions represent the most important considerations in the design of your new technology-incorporated conference table.

1 - the size of the room and, consequently, the size of the table

Will the table command most of the room's dimensional space or just a portion? Will there be other furniture in the space - a wall of cabinets, a buffet or credenza?

2 - the electrical plans for the room

Will there be floor outlets beneath the table? If so, how many and are they centered in the room?

3 - how many people will be using the table, on average

Will the room be used for impromptu gatherings of 2-4 or company or department-wide meetings?

4 - how technology will be used

Conference calls? Charging devices? Connecting devices to monitors?

5 - how legacy technology will be handled                                                                  

How will you handle legacy audio/visual connections (VGA,RCA), telephone connections (RJ11) and non-HDMI compatible devices?

6 - how current technology will be accommodated

Have specifications for current technological needs been outlined or mapped?

7 - how future or unanticipated needs will be handled

Are the specifications for hardware, wiring and placement flexible enough to adapt to unanticipated use and/or future technology requirements?

Power, audio/visual and data (past, present and future) underline all of the above design and technology considerations. Throw into this, the increasingly collaborative nature of the workplace - multiple meeting rooms within the same office, branch offices, remote clients and workers - and the task of provisioning a  technology-integrated conference table(s) can be daunting. Meeting with your team to determine the most important wants and needs is always a good first step and this list will give you a place to get that conversation started. 

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