Behind the Design: The Willow Table

Nesting Fir Wood Coffee Tables

Grouping of four Willow Tables

Versatile in nature but sculptural in appearance, the Willow is a statement piece that craves to be utilized. Each block, designed to be equal parts form and function, is scaled to effortlessly evolve from a work of art into a coffee table, side table, stool or bench. Its two adjacent flat faces allow the form the flexibility to be brought together and continuously reconfigured to better shape a space.

Fir Wood Grain Side Block Table

View of Douglas Fir grain

The bold grain of the Douglas Fir stumps used to craft the piece has a dramatic effect as it maps its way around the form. On the Willow’s curved surfaces the grain flows as expected, smooth, steady and horizontal; but when the flat faces are encountered, the grain direction turns, emphasizing the flat planes that gift this design its originality.

Wood models

3D models of Willow Tables

The Willow is a design rooted in intension. Each surface, studied and shaped, was reduced until the design’s purest form was all that remained. Content in its simplicity, emphasis and personality are brought to the design not through decoration but through the wood’s natural characteristics. An idea once cultivated in a spontaneous moment of the subconscious, the Willow stands as a whimsical sculpture that seamlessly adapts to its surroundings, stretching beyond the bounds of a single function and endlessly evolving for its users.

Special thanks to Paladino and Company for allowing us to photograph The Willow in their LEED Gold headquarters in Seattle.


  • Posted by Deborah Hanamura on

    It was so much fun to have you guys in the space! The Willow is lovely – and we have lots of love for any design that celebrates nature :)

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