Behind the Design: The Tolt Collection

Meyer Wells' products have always been an expression of quality found through the seamless combination of natural materials. Though exceptional wood is the cornerstone of our company, it is often not the only ingredient in our designs. The same way the eye needs negative space in an image to find the focal point, our pieces often employ the smooth and solid qualities of steel to allow the wood to speak. 
When juxtaposing metal next to such a natural and organic surface as wood, the blending of the materials must always be at the forefront of the designer's mind. It is far too bold a material to be left as an afterthought in the design process. If the design intent is not present at the onset of the ideation, the metal elements will be instantly recognized as an add-on or unnecessary decoration in the final piece. 
In our new Tolt Collection, steel details abound in every piece. On the wood-based tables, it is the steel that carries the design home. The steel plate accentuates the legs, adding drama to a relatively simple form. With metal fully covering a single face of each leg, an engaging visual experience is created. It begins with the first glance as, viewed from the long edge, the table appears to have thick, metal legs. Yet, as one walks around the table, the base shifts, showing off its angular, wooden limbs.
Wood and Metal table
Walking closer, you begin to see the fine groove detail on the outer edge of the table's legs. The groove, put in place to further define the line between wood and metal, creates a division through sharp shadow and gives the steel edge a sense of place. 
The strongest identifying factor on the table; however, is not leg, but rather the triangle. The steel triangle widens the base's appearance and directs your eye down the tapered leg. It keeps the eye moving around the piece while also providing a solid texture for the eye to rest on. This crucial element balances the visual weight of the top with that of the base.
wood and metal credenza
These characteristics and features are carried throughout the entirety of the collection. In both the large and the small credenzas the same leg detail is put into action (though on a much shorter scale) while the triangle is alluded to in the drawer pulls. And while the fully steel-based tables do not share the same material contrast as the wood option, the triangle remains essential to the visual harmony of the piece while also taking on a much more structural role. 
The Tolt Collection is reliant on these metal details. They are what push these designs to be viewed from every angle, at every distance, during all times of the day. These elements will never cease to create new points view and unseen perspectives within the designs. This is the beauty of metal; it does not need to be large or loud to make a statement but rather tasteful and intentional. 

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