Behind the Design: Briggs

There is a certain level of accomplishment that comes with finding a seat near a plug. The sea of tech-less tables in commercial, retail and hospitality spaces often finds one sprinting across coffee shops, hotel lobbies and offices vying for the seats that cater to our technology-centric lives. If you count yourself amongst those suffering from data port deficiency, then may we humbly introduce you to our latest collection, Briggs. 

Wood and metal tables with technology - new products

Offered in both standard (30") and standing (42") height, our metal base Briggs tables not only accommodate plugs and data ports but also manage cords through their legs. The added benefit of the concealed cord management leaves the aesthetic of the tables unaltered while also keeping leg room clear of wires. 

wood and metal tables with casters

In addition to tech capabilities, the tables are also available with locking casters, encouraging mobility and community. In the continuous flow of today's workspaces, the ability of a furniture piece to move, collaborate and evolve is crucial.

farm house wood table

 If permanence is what you crave, the Briggs Collection also offers a solid wood base version. Sturdy and sleek, the wood base Briggs pulls on the heart-strings of a classic farm style table with a contemporary twist. The lighter solid wood top and metal details, juxtaposed with the substantial legs, give the piece a comfortable visual weight, making it an ideal addition to rooms craving a center focal point. 

The success of an office's workflow is greatly affected by the efficiencies it contains. Mobility, technology and flexibility; therefore, are key players when designing for commercial spaces as more and more companies find themselves moving from collaborative to solo work sessions sometimes several times in a day. The Briggs Collection was greatly influenced by the needs of the modern office and was created to not only accommodate them but to do so with the added benefit of natural materials.   

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