Art Through Ceramics

With warmth back the air, it’s that time of year again when we brush off our old planters and pots to help bring some much-needed color back into our lives. While those closeted vases may just need a good dusting, sometimes a revamp in our smaller, everyday objects is all it takes to change the face of a room and provide it with a breath of fresh air.

The following ceramicists are true artisans who have masterfully created vases, vessels, pots and planters that will make you beg for more reasons to bring greenery inside. Their pieces are refreshing and bold, taking objects of the simplest functions and turning them into the most exceptional of forms. These are more than pots and vases; they are works of art in the shape of everyday objects. So, next time you go to dust off the old, consider digging into the new and checking out the shops of incredible craftsman!

Helen Levi Pottery

Helen Levi

Running her home-grown studio out of Brooklyn, Helen is a one-woman shop. Her designs are rooted in the clays she throws. Blending multiple kinds of clay to create one of a kind stone-ware, her pieces are bold in natural colors and raw textures. Her glazing techniques are her own as well, practicing more of a “pour-over” tactic rather than the traditional dipping and painting of glazes. The results are stunning and would leave any plant feeling lucky to call one home.

 Gonna Williams Pottery

Genna Williams

With her beginnings in furniture design, Genna Williams is no stranger to craftsmanship and precision. Yet, a jack of many trades, she recently made the hop to ceramics and has been throwing fresh-faced forms from her young Austin, Texas studio ever since. Her designs are edgy and exceptionally clean. With such sharp lines and balanced geometries, it’s hard to imagine she makes everything by hand. Instagram: gennawilliams_ceramics

Nick McPhail Pottery

Nick McPhail

McPhail founded his one-man studio, Half Ceramics, in Los Angeles, California. Blending both wheel throwing with hand-building techniques, his vessels are carriers of color. His main mission is to bring vibrant color to simple designs. His works are graphic and strong, carrying a clear identity though out all his works. His colors palette, though vibrant, is not overpowering; it’s just enough to catch your eye and make you look twice. 

Josephine Noel Pottery

Josephine Noel

Noel is the founder of Recreation Center, a studio based out of Brooklyn, New York, which focuses on handcrafting ordinary goods in extraordinary ways. Her “Ancient” series takes the classical ceramic forms of ancient Rome and Greece and transforms them into modern day works of art through playful proportions and her unique glazing style.

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